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In 2013, about 225 million youth, or 20% of all youth in the developing world, are “idle” – not in education, employment or training.

43 years ago, in Chennai, IIDA stepped in to address this very issue.

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About IIDA

Who We Are

We provide educational solutions to under-privileged students in India,
helping them to be transformed and to touch their community around them.

Our Vision

IID’s Mission is to empower the underprivileged through life skills training towards a quality life

Our Story

From these small beginnings and with a focus on not only ‘giving fish’ to the poor but rather ‘teaching them to fish’, IIDA has been breaking ground in other areas of training and uplifting the poor.

IIDA - Impressing Hearts, Hands and Minds

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Students in IIDA (Till Date)
No. of Staff (At present)
Students This Year
INR 3100
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Latest News

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Anitha knew only squalor growing up, yet she clung to high ambitions of becoming a nurse. Her mother worked as a cleaner in a local hospital and would bring home …