Since 1974

The IID Story began…

when Inter-Mission Germany started 1964 in the city of Hannover. They extended helping hands to India right from the beginning, later joined by Inter-Mission Switzerland. In 1973 a young engineer, Mr. Jochen Tewes, and a dear friend, Mr. Markus Egger, undertook a “global travel” and drove all the way from Germany to India in a VW Variant car. With them came their vision of giving skills training and employment to the poor.


That was the time when foundations for Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association were laid.               On 17th March 1974 the organization was officially registered. The first activity was the starting of a fitters training school in a makeshift shed with 7 trainees.

BW_28_CARPENTRYThat initial habitat was soon extended by other courses and developed into an Industrial Training School, one of the first of its kind in Madras, as Chennai was then called. Today this ITI is still training an average of 70 young men from underprivileged backgrounds as carpenters, fitters and welders.                               The first fitters training with only hand tools in a thatched shed in 1974

From these small beginnings and with a focus on not only ‘giving fish’ to the poor but rather ‘teaching them to fish’, IIDA has been breaking ground in other areas of training and uplifting the poor. A Girls Training Center was established to initiate vocational training for young girls as well, a Day Care Center has literally shaped generations of families in a slum area, two Hostels are giving accommodation and the much needed care for teenage girls and boys during their training, youngsters coming often from semi-/orphaned and destitute background. Together with Childrens Homes, IID has extended care, support and training to thousands of children and teenagers.

Since 2003 IID hasGraduation Day adopted and further developed the model of Community Colleges to increase their efforts in successfully training and transforming the lives of again thousands of young boys and girls from a deserving background towards a promising vocational and personal future. These activities were extended through a number of partner organisations that are running Franchises of our Community Colleges in other parts of India. Together we are touching the growing urban as well as some rural areas.


Throughout the years IID has always had a focus on empowering women in particular and helping them to establish themselves in their own right and through micro enterprises. Other staff and ex students have also ventured out into other areas of social work and several branches have since become independent, such as IMCARES in Mumbai or Growing Opportunity Finance in Chennai.  We are very encouraged by seeing how some of our people have taken hold of our vision and muliplied it thoughout the country!

Middle aged and moLogo 40 years copyving on…

IID is now becoming a “middle aged” organization, completing 40 years of service on 17th March 2014. All that the reader finds in this website has its roots in the vision of the founders. It was possible only through the sacrificial support received from countless sponsors from Germany, Switzerland, England, India and many other contries. The 40th year is a year of remembrance, a year of celebration and thanksgiving. It is also a year of introspection and outlook into intensive and growing ministry in the future.

Because there are still thousands and thousands of young people desiring and deserving a decent and promising future. As the country changes and develops, our approaches are changing and developing. The vision, hovewer, remains unchanged:

‘Inspired by the love of Christ IID’s mission is to empower the underprivileged and marginalized through life skills training towards a quality life.’