Chennai – Pallavaram

In the year 2008 a separate area was allotted inside the IID campus Pallavaram to start this Community College. It was added to the Industrial Training School courses for those young people who could not afford the 2-year vocational courses offered under ITI training.

Initially the courses Computer Application and Computer Hardware were introduced, and later the courses “House Electrician” and “Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning” were added. It was open for young men and women, although women were always few compared to men who joined the courses.

Today 3 courses are conducted and are well attended:

House Electrician Course

Theory class for electrician students P1020224 w





Theory class in Electrician Course


Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning CourseAC lab P1020227 w

Practical Training on Air-Conditioners and Refrigerators




Computer Application CourseComp Appln presentation P1020221 w



Students watch subject presentations




Mr. Reuban, Manager

38, Bharathi Nagar Main Road,

Pallavaram East, Chennai 600043

Tel: +91 (44) 22660547, Email: