The journey of the IID Community College at this location began in 2010 with a vision of “Value based holistic training and rehabilitation to poor youth, unemployed and underprivileged” by Jochen and Johshy Tewes, founders of IID. Originally the College had been started in 2002 in the Kellys area and was later relocated to Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar, in order to give better access for people from North Chennai.
The College is aims to develop the knowledge of young girls and boys, increase their understanding about life and build them up. All our students are coming from an underprivileged background, many of them suffer from broken homes or domestic violence caused by the exposure to drugs, alcohol or simply BPL income of the parents. Every student, while attaining knowledge and intellectual vigour, is encouraged to shine wonderfully and excel as a model for others.Since staring here at TVK Nagar our students really enjoyed our systematic syllabus of technical as well as Life Coping Courses and attended with full involvement both during theory and practical classes.


When joining, many of the students don’t know about the purpose of life and value of education. But throughout the year with us many realize their goal in life and understand how education is actually uplifting them. After completion of their courses, the students get appointed in good jobs and we guide them further how to maintain good (working) relationships as well as develop their personal lives.


Courses offered :

  • Diploma in Computer Application (1st.Year)
  • Diploma in Advanced Computer Application (2nd Year)
  • Diploma in Electrician Course (1 Year Course)
  • Diploma in Health Assistance (2 Year Course)

For more information and application please Contact :- 044 267 10 110.

IID Community College,
No.87,89, First Street
Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar
Chennai – 600 082.
Ph: 044-26710110