From A Tsunami Relief Project…

When the Tsunami hit the SoutP8170061-rh Eastern coast of India, Mahabalipuram like many other coastal towns, were badly affected and thousands died. Fisher villages suffered the most. A massive relief operation followed, and help from all over the world poured in. IID passed on help to many families of the fishing villages by way of giving clothes and provisions. But more importantly, instead of providing fishing boats to the affected as many organisations had done, IID decided to help the affected youth by providing training. Community Colleges were ideal to give them a new hope for life. In July 2005 this community wDSC00367-IM-ras started with 120 students.

Soon the 3 courses which up to today are being taught, were arranged and gave a new hope to these traumatized young people




Nurses Assistant course





Computer Application Course








House Electrician course






Today the Community College is situated in the nearby village of Poonjeri, and donors provided a property on which a temporary big hall gives the possibility to train many more young people. A solid building of the neighbor gives space for expensive equipment and training courses.


Mr. Daniel Moses, Manager

IID Community College

250/11, 3rd Mettu Street, Poonjeri
Mammalapuram 603104

Tamil Nadu

Email:, Phone: +91 9344474044