The Community College in Lullanagar, Pune, was started in April 2012 with the generous help of “Z F Gears” a German Company with a large branch in Pune. Dedicated Committee members who already overlooked the running of the Chakan Community College only 40 km north of Pune gave their invaluable advice and personal input. Mrs. Ulla Guenther offered her time and business skills to do the start-up arrangements and find the first set of students. Dr. Ian Cathers volunteered to become the first Director of the Community College and his wife, Anne Cathers, took the responsibility of starting the beauty therapy course. A rented building in Lulla Nagar, Pune, was an ideal place to start the Community College.

The first set of students in April 2012





Beauty Therapy Training offers self employment opportunity to women of the area
A one-year course in computer application gives good job opportunities to the underprivileged youth.
Electronics and Household Applications Course