A student of Diploma in Computer Application, Maheswari, resides in Villivakkam. She lost her father when she was a child. Her mother is the breadwinner of the family, working in a company to raise three daughters including Maheswari. They live in a very old, small house with tiled roof which is their own. The houses in the surrounding are very posh and built in higher ground, while Maheswari’s is about 1 ½ ft lower than the road. It caused rain water and sewage to flow inside the house and the open space in front of the house. Because of the lower level there is no possibility to drain the water from their house and lawn. The mother and three daughters suffer a lot without food, not able to use the toilet. The water has become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

Immediate attention is needed to raise the level of the lawn to the road level and drainage system of the house is to be repaired.

Even if they shift to a rental house, they are not in a position to afford the rent and also meet their needs. So the better remedy can be raising the level of the house.