“IID” is a rather formal name for an institution where people matter! People with a hope for a brighter future than their past or present, people with a dream about a life truly worth living, people with a desire to find out and develop their gifts and skills. But typically also people with some severe obstacles in their baggage, may it be an extreme economically disadvantaged situation, a challenging or broken family background or difficulties in their history or schooling. For these we provide lowcost vocational training which they would not be able to get otherwise – and we enjoy doing that.

As an NGO with almost 40 years of experience in that field we are joining forces with sponsors, both from overseas and within India, local businesses, companies and other institutions to face the challenges of a rapidly changing indian society. It’s an adventure to do that, often a journey with unforseeable bends and turns, but always rewarding. Because we’re caring – for people!


You’re most welcome to join us on this journey. Visit this Website, visit our Homes, Colleges and Training Centres, visit our Head Office in Chennai. Vanakkam!


Would you like to sponsor? Besides donations for general or specific purposes, you can enable a student or a child to get education in our centers against a minimum sponsorship amount.  If you are interested, kindly click on  SPONSOR.