X-Ray technician – IIDA & SEHPL

It is a one year course offered by IIDA in partnership with SEHPL in Chennai to help students aspiring for health sector related skills training and job placement.

Who is an X-Ray Technician?

He/she is the skilled person behind the X-Ray machine taking the radiographs. His/her role is to ensure a good X-Ray is taken which will help the doctor to diagnose the disease. (S)He talks and explains the procedure to the patient and ensures the complete patient safety and care.

Topics covered include:
Understanding of the underlying principles of X-ray
  • Radiation Physics and Physics of diagnostic radiology
  • Overview of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Positioning methodology
  • Post processing techniques
  • Patient care and handling
  • Radiation safety
Confidence in operating X-ray machine (hands-on)
  • X-Ray machine and accessories
  • Familiarization with X-Ray machines from different manufacturers
  • Basics of CT and MRI
Other modules:
  • Basic computer training
  • Soft skills training
  • Management skills
  • Spoken English
  • Hands-on training on medical equipment
The outline of the course is as below :
  • Classroom training (theory 400 hours and practical 200 hours)
  • 1 month of observer-ship in leading hospitals/diagnostic centres/clinics
  • 6 months of internships (1000 hours) in leading hospitals/diagnostic centres/clinics
  • 1 month course review and preparation for examination
  • HSSC examination
  • 100% job placement assistance for successful candidates
Minimum qualification (any one of the below):
  • 12th Std., Science passed (Biology)
  • 12th Std., Science passed (Non-biology), personal interview by SEHPL after passing the entrance exam
  • 12th MCVC Stream (Medical Technician Course/Medical Lab Technician/Nursing Assistant)
  • 12th Std., Science Failed (need to clear exam within 1 year, before HSSC final exam)
  • No upper qualification limit.
  • Age Limit – Up to 40 Years of Age