Humble Appeal for your Kind Action

In Chennai, the month of November started with little drizzling but ended with heavy rains which continued in December causing great floods. The rain fall which is supposed to be for three months, poured down in a few days. Most of the lakes in and around Chennai reached their full capacity and so the banks were broken causing severe floods.

The people of Chennai and surrounding districts suffered great damages to lives and household articles- electric appliances, clothes, vehicles, important documents and the like. The water level of the floods crossed the height of 6 feet in most of the areas into which even first floors of buildings immersed leaving people homeless.


Two rivers named KOOVAM and ADYAR, which were just streams of sewage, were filled with the flood, in some places water flow above the bridges to the height of 25-30 ft.Sewage from sewers mixed with the stagnant rain water threatening health hazards making the situation worse.



In our IIDA Community Colleges, we have students from poor background – socially, economically and educationally. Many of them live near water bodies and hence their houses were surrounded by waters. Water entered into most of their houses to the level of 3 to 6 ft.


In the past few days, floods have been draining slowly and people try to get back to normal.


The floods have left a lot of garbage and around a feet high mud and muck into the streets and inside houses. Also the damaged articles were thrown out, and in every street corner we see heaps of garbage. In every house, people try hard to clean the floor, walls and surroundings. Still they feel the stink. The aftermath of the floods has caused a threat of epidemic and fear of diseases caused by breeding of mosquitoes in the stagnant water among people.

Students and their families are very affected. We bring to your attention the list of such students for your kind action.


The following are a few cases as a sample:


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