“IID community colleges aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the young adults in our community, thus equipping them with the skills, knowledge and ability to achieve real world success.”

The vision of our IID Community Colleges is to meet the ever-growing need for job-oriented, work-related, skill-based, and holistic education. We reach the unreached by imparting skills, knowledge, life coping skills (personality development), computer literacy, spoken English, written English and communication skills.

The concept of Community Colleges is to enable the least to acquire the best skills suited to each individual in the shortest time to achieve smooth and promising access to the job market and sustain him/her for the rest of life. The mission and objective of our Community Colleges are to fill the gaps and inadequacies of the existing education system.

Community Colleges are viewed as a parallel system of higher education designed to meet the growing demand for the middle-level workforce with specialized skills in a large number of industries and emerging institutions. Industry, trade, corporate and the health sectors are not only looking for top academics but have a growing demand for staff with basic skills and a good understanding of typical workplace challenges. Our Community College system is, therefore, tailor-made to suit the market need and to be a model to fill the gaps and the missing link in the existing higher education system in our country.

This is the story of William, a 16-year-old student of IID, Pune:

We continue to rise up to meet the expectations of our country to educate our youth to become dignified, respectful citizens of our beloved nation India. We already have a vast number of successful stories of candidates who are placed well in the jobs. We adventure to produce responsible citizens with entrepreneurial skills and self-sufficiency for the benefit of our nation.


Muthukumar R
Principal, IID Community Colleges

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