IID has been involved in Day Care Centres, Childrens Homes and Hostel Care ever since the work was started. In fact, this is where our name comes from: ‘Inter-Mission’ is a German based charitable organisation that started funding and running childrens homes all over Tamil Nadu in 1974, but meanwhile the work has grown all over India. Together with their Swiss partner they are supporting children on 3 continents now.


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Coming from this background the need for Personal Care for children in our homes has always been a major focus of our work in IID. We want these children who are coming mostly from broken families and poor background to develop in a healthy environment and therefore we make it an effort to create a family-type atmosphere. Our Home Parents have gone out of their ways to reach out to each and every boy or girl as they go through their emotional and often physical challenges.



With the starting of our vocational training there was also a need for Hostel Facilities for those students coming from either a childrens home or from outside Chennai.


Our Girls Training Center in Aminjikarai and Boys Industrial Training School in Pallavaram (both Chennai) therefore offer Hostel facilities for these Youngsters. We provide a safe environment for the kids to study, develop their personality, enjoy and learn to cope with life’s challenges. Our experienced staff make sure that there is space for emotional development, personal guidance and love and concern for the many individual challenges which teens and tweens are facing these days. And then there is fun and friendship too, as they live, study and occasionally do some practical work together!


Find out more about this part of our work as you expore the different locations – all of them located in this ever growing melagolopolis called Chennai.