The Story

Our Child Care activities in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, approx. 150 km north of Chennai, started in 1983 with the running of a home for orphaned and destitute boys. Over the past 30 years, hundreds of lives have been changed to a meaningful existence. Initially, a Dutch businessman gave funds for the spacious building and compound, later the children received their support from Inter-Mission Germany and Inter-Mission UK. The home had up to 70 boys living in comfortable accommodation, and much care is always taken to meet the individual needs of the children.

For a number of years in the 1990/2000’s a training centre was added and became a training ground for boys of the home and others from Nellore and further afield in Andhra Pradesh. Computer classes, tailoring courses and – on another nearby location – carpentry training was offered and hundreds of young men and women been trained and equipped.

Young men of our alumni, groups from the UK and Switzerland occasionally helped in improving the living conditions in the home. It has been quite a unique experience for everybody concerned to see ‘foreigners’ and locals, young and old, volunteers and experienced painters, male and female, put their hands together to refining infrastructure – and services. This is part of our aim and vision for this centre: To invite other services to come alongside and help us serve the needy community.

Latest Development

Kallu Sekhar and Mary started as home parents in 2012 and are well experienced and enthusiastic about giving hope and a future to disadvantaged and orphaned boys. We are glad for the support we received from overseas and Indian donors over the years. Even Alumni of the home today give regular help. In addition, the home is being subsidized from the general funds of IID Association for children that have no sponsorship. We wish that each of the children may find their individual sponsor.


While the exclusive institutional home care has helped hundreds of young lives to find purpose and hope, the focus of IIDA child care is being shifted from home care to family and community care. Besides its advantage of a more family-oriented approach, this step is also needed as the Government of India had ordered all child care homes to hugely increase spending on inmates and facilities, which costs go far beyond of what can be afforded with modest sponsorship rates. During the Coronavirus lockdown period most of the boys were taken home by their relatives and are being looked after from our centre. Only a few boys who had no one to care for continue to stay with our home parents.

The spacious building is being used now as a community service centre and the sponsored boys will come to our centre with their wards once a month for medical check-ups and educational purposes. Our field of service is being extended by incorporating medical, parental and family counselling and social services. Most of the children and their relatives will still be supported at their homes through individual sponsorships. We do invite partnerships there. You are welcome to contact Mr.Sekhar (+91-9505700329 or +91-8639394567) or get in touch via email with him through cn @


In 2012 the IID Alumni Association in Chennai was extended to Nellore for the ex-students from Andhra Pradesh. The meeting day for all is on every 2nd October, and various activities and family meetings are happening throughout the year. A committee takes care of the administration and functioning.

The IID Andhra Pradesh Alumni meeting on 2nd October 2013 with Mr Jochen Tewes, founder, and Mr Solomon, speaker, as special guests. Previous house parents also participated.

As a sign of his gratitude, one of the Alumni members gave a set of cooking vessels to the home cook