Traditionally IID has provided hostel facilities for their trainees in several locations.The hostel at our Industrial Training School in Pallavaram has been a safe place to stay during their training years for literally thousands of young men since first launched in the 1970’s. During their 1 – 3 years of training it has also become a home for many boys from semi-/orphaned background. There is space for up to 80 boys, both for training as well as working men in the year/s immediately following the training. There is a separate building with a large kitchen and dining hall on the premises as well as a lot of open space for sports and leisure activities – among which obviously Cricket is the top favourite! The hostel boys follow their own daily schedule before and after working (school) hours and have various opportunities for active

For many years there was a severe water shortage due to the location – Pallavaram is known for that. In 2013 however we were able to dig another borewell through the generous gift of a sponsor and found excellent and sufficient water higher up than expected – quite uncommon for the area. This together with various renovation works has helped to again bring our facilities to up market standard.

As it is our aim to provide training for young men from uneducated and underprivileged background, we do invite local sponsorship or contributions in kind or cash for helping us running this facility. There is a steady demand for sponsorship’s from students coming from a completely broken or impoverished family background.

For further information about the Hostel and facilities please contact Mr. S. Paul via phone (09840603621) or email:

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