At IID, we provide hostel facilities for our trainees at several locations. The Girl’s hostel in Aminjikarai is one such place where we strive to make the lives of our girls one of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of their experience.

It is a unique and valuable experience that will serve as a special part of their education. We provide the girls with an opportunity to establish new and long-lasting friendships, learn new skills and an environment in which they can gain academic support and grow as individuals. We work hard to bring to our inmates the very best in activities, support, and fun, while our kitchen staff serve up nutritious food to sustain them through their daily academic, social, and recreational activities.

Moving into a new community and way of living can be a challenge, but our campus managers and staff ensure smooth transitions and a homely environment. In fact, our campus is known to be an extended home for many of our girls, orphaned, semi-orphaned and otherwise. We are able to take in 42 girls at a time.

We hope that every girl that passes through IID and our hostels reap the benefits of the IID experience and have successful and rewarding careers and futures.




Girls’ lives are changed by the work done in IID.  Their voices are strengthened, their skills developed, and they become productive members of society.  With your investment, you’re building the future of not just a girl, but a woman who will be the pillar of her family and an influencer of her community.

To Make a Cash Donation

We welcome gifts towards empowering our girls, many of whom are from broken and impoverished backgrounds.

Please make payments to:

IID Association
Account No.  131001000019261
IFS Code: IOBA0001310
Indian Overseas Bank, MMDA Colony Branch, Chennai 600106

Please note that Indian donations are tax deductable under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.



To Donate Items Other Than Cash

Do you prefer to donate items instead? Have a refrigerator, water filter, games equipment or books you want to give away? Your asset can help our programs! Simply contact our Development Team  for more information.

To view other donation options, click here.

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