IIDA Timeline

October 31

Starting of Children’s Home 59 at Nellore

With the help of Dutch donors an orphanage was built and established on a plot in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. It was opened in 1983 and supervised by Mr. Joseph Bandi initially. Later Mr. William David from Madras became the leader followed by Mr. Vasanth Kumar and others. This orphanage was a home for up to 70 boys at a time for many years. Today it is still serving 40 younger boys in cooperation with World Vision and Links International.

October 31

Moving of Inter-Mission Home 14 and Home 2 to Thoraipakkam

In 1984 the need arose to move the children of Home 14 and Home 2 from Madras Town to Thoraipakkam. Simple buildings with thatched roofs were initially constructed, replaced by solid buildings in 1986 with the help of the Filadelfia Gemeente in Rotterdam. Later the same church sponsored also a large multipurpose building. Thoraipakkam became a very lively place with pre-training courses, several orphanages, a child care training school and the Elim English School (1990)

October 31

Starting of Carpentry Training at Nellore

For the orphans who completed school in Andhra Pradesh, a training centre was built and opened on a land not far from the orphanage in Nellore. Mr. William David and Mr. Jürgen Eisenberg were the leaders, later succeeded for many years by Mr. Suresh Kumar.

October 31

Start of Pre-Training Course at Thoraipakkam

With the help of Sam and Beena Gilbert IID started a Pre-Training School in July 1989 with simple light roofing buildings in Thoraipakkam. For many years this course helped young boys to get prepared not only for the courses at Pallavaram and IID head office, but also for life itself. Various non-formal courses and agriculture were taught and life coping skills (LCS). LCS today is an essential part of all of the courses in the IID training schools, integrated with various other subjects.

October 31

Start of Elim English School at Thoraipakkam

An English medium school for the orphan children at Thoraipakkam was a long-hedged dream. In 1990 kindergarten classes and 1st and 2nd standard were started. Sue Read, Rachel Thangaiah and Johshy Tewes led the school for many years. It is still maintained today, now serving the children of the surrounding villages, after all the orphan children were moved to Alamathi in 2011. The school was the only one of IID in South India, but the Shishya School, run by Ken and Frieda in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhandh, had been operating in the north even earlier. The Elim School will be transferred to Inter-Mission India.

October 31

Micro Enterprise Development started

The vision of IID was to make the poor self-supported, giving training and creating jobs. To show ways to achieve the goal of creating jobs and enabling income generation to the poor, Jochen and Johshy Tewes were invited in 1995 to an MED conference in Malaysia by their friend and mentor, Mr. Karl Schock. It was conducted by “Opportunity International”, a global organisation, and the conference had the immediate effect of IID starting to give micro loans to the poor in 1996. It developed into a separate branch of IID called IMED, which grew rapidly.

October 31

IID Child Care Section becomes Inter-Mission India

In 1995 a decision was taken that IID would concentrate on its central vision of vocational training and job creation for the poor. The child care units of IID would be formed into independent organisations. Based on this decision preparations were made accordingly for many years and in 2002 Inter-Mission India took over administration and properties pertaining to child care operations. The property at Thoraipakkam was leased out to IMI for this purpose.

October 31

Starting of first Community College at Vadapalani

Women clients of IMED asked for help for their children who completed school so that they, too, could learn a trade. Since capacity and finances were limited, a new way of training for jobs was found in the scheme of Community Colleges. Promoted by Father Dr. Alphonse Xavier in Chennai, it gave a good chance for the poor to get jobs in one-year courses. Under the initiative of Mr. Sam Sunder Singh and the leadership of Mrs. K. Bharathi, the first Community College was started in 2002 in Vadapalani, Chennai. It picked up very fast and more Community Colleges were started in Chennai, along the East coast of Tamil Nadu and later in Pune. Many hundreds of students received job-oriented education and most of them were able to get good employment immediately after completion of the courses.

October 31

IID West Section becomes Inter-Mission CARES

The IID West Section had been initiated in the year 1982, and over the years with activities like pavement ministry, slum day care centres, an orphanage in Paud (near Pune) and care for the destitute people it became a refuge for countless destitute people. This section of IID, too, was registered as a separate society called “Inter-Mission CARES”. Mr. Sumitra Gaikwad became the first executive director. Since its area of operation was Bombay, now Mumbai, the transfer of administration, which happened in 2002, helped the far-away branch to operate autonomously.

October 31

IID MED Section becomes independent

The number of MED clients kept increasing so much that a company had to be formed in 2006 to properly handle the enormous amount of administration and field work.