IIDA Timeline

October 31

Opening of IID Head Office at Aminjikarai

From 1974 to 2006 IID’s head office was in rented buildings in Besant Nagar, Madras, now Chennai. The cost and constant need to oblige the owners kept rising, and IID’s own building was started in 2005 and completed in 2006 with the help of overseas and Indian support. It not only accommodated the head office, but also the Community College at Aminjikarai and all of the Community College administration. With a conference room attached and a covered open space on the roof it allows IID to accommodate all central activities.

October 31

Combined Graduation of all IID Community Colleges in Chennai

When the Tsunami hit the east coast of South India in December 2004, many areas were badly damaged, thousands of people lost their lives and many young people also were affected. IID started 4 Community Colleges for these youths with the money given for Tsunami relief in Karaikal, Mahabalipuram, Kottivakkam and Nellore. The number of students thereby increased very much and we had a large graduation of Community College students in July 2007. All together 660 students graduated that year in a public hall and in the presence of many guests of honour.

October 31

Start of IID Alumni Association

From the beginning of our activities former trainees of IID used to meet together on a regular basis. For many years the IID HO organized the re-unions every 26th of January. In 2007 however, the former students met and started the IID Alumni Association, since then organising all re-unions and other activities of the Alumni. Today many activities and area meetings are being conducted by them. A special wing called “IID AIM Fellowship” was started in 2013 to encourage those who were active in both, business and social work.

October 31

IID North Section becomes Shishya Society

The leaders of IID North had established a children’s home, an English medium school and agricultural activities in Sailakui, Dehra Dun District, beginning in the late 1970s. It was later registered as a separate society by the name Shishya Society, and in 2010 the administration was fully transferred to this society so that it can function autonomously now.

October 31

Starting 2 Community Colleges at Pune

In 2011 IID was able to open a Community College at Chakan, Pune, in Maharashtra, with the help of Volkswagen India. It was the first time that a company took the responsibility of completely supporting a Community College. The company’s purpose was to help poor young people from the surrounding areas of their new production plant and IID was asked to implement the program. Similarly another German company, ZF India, helped establishing a Community College in 2012 in another part of Pune called Lulla Nagar.

October 31

IID New Delhi Section becomes New Generation Trust

The IID North Section took care of children, young girls and youths who were plagued by poverty, AIDS and deprivation. The leaders, Mr. & Mrs. Ailawadi, had a great vision for them and registered the “New Generation Trust”. In the course of decentralisation of the activities of IID the administration was transferred to the new trust in 2012, from when they started operating independently, yet in network fellowship with IID.

October 31

“Ruby Jubilee”: 40 years of IID completed

With the completion of 40 years of service to the poor, IID organized a special function on 17.3.2014 to commemorate provision through donors, members, staff and students, who contributed to the growth of Inter-Mission Industrial Development Association.

October 31

Start of Media School and 2 new Community Colleges

With the help of Obed and Shalomie Tewes who are well trained Visual Communications experts, a media training school was started with basic equipment in Aminjikarai and a small studio attached to it. In the same year, 2 new Community Colleges were opened in Vijayawada and in Thirunindravur, Thiruvallur District. The infrastructure and running deficit was covered by the income from sale of a property.

October 31

Start of Community College in Thiruvanammalai District.

With the generous help of a retired scientist from this district, a new Community College was started in November 2016 in Chettupattu, Thiruvanammalai Dt. Our ex-student, Eliya Elumalai, lives in this area, and he took over as branch leader. The official inauguration of the centre took place on 9th March 2017, just 8 days before the 43rd anniversary of IIDA.

October 31

Marching towards Sustainability

More efforts of IIDA towards sustainability were pursued in 2017 than in any other year. Smaller amounts from TN Slum Clearance Board were already received in this year for various short programs. Some MOUs were drafted with agencies funded by NSDC for conducting training courses in various centres of IID in TN, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. CSR applications were made to a few companies for infrastructure and for bridging deficits until full sustainability would be achieved.